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Property Development Funding

Property Development Funding is the process of being granted the financial ability to undertake projects that you use to develop a property to later sell on for a profit to a different buyer with the intention of using the property for either business or domestic use. This funding is offered by banks, specialist lenders and similar financial institutions to provide you with the ability to purchase the land or property and proceed to develop it and later sell it on for a profit for residential, leisure, business or commercial use see how to get funding for property development in the UK.


If you elect to develop any project with a commercial element, you would need to have a forward sale or lease agreed with a strong covenant in place prior to the development’s beginning to guarantee their exit on the commercial element of the development.


When it comes to funding you will find that it is available for both experienced and inexperienced property developers. Please enquire with our customer service team via email, over the phone, or send us a message below to discover more information about your property development funding options.


Why You Need Property Development Funding


Obtaining property development funding allows you to afford to begin your project without the risk of running out of money to see it through to completion. This helps mitigate your own risk by avoiding the investment of your own personal capital and takes advantage of the funds provided by the lenders to help you achieve your intentions for your development project.


For experienced developers, you will already have existing capital available to invest in your development project, however, using property development funding has proven highly beneficial in the past in expanding the development scope without risking personal capital. This is crucial for ensuring confidence in the project and giving extra security should any unexpected pitfalls or financial difficulties arise during the process such as running out of funds.


Funders want to see reliable and trustworthy applicants who they can guarantee that they will deliver on their promises for the development project. Demonstrating the financial responsibility to seek out funding as opposed to investing your own cash which could prove disastrous if issues arise and make it nearly impossible to obtain the funding that you require due to a lack of foresight and planning.


Of course, things do not always go as planned and so if parts of the project end up being more expensive than anticipated, the lender can work with you to discern what further funding might be needed but this will need to be discussed before the property is purchased and when the funding agreement is arranged.




By obtaining property development funding you are able to comfortably and confidently begin your development project without needing to dip into your existing capital or savings to fulfil your needs. By organizing property development funding, it means that you have arranged all funding required before you even begin your project.


This is highly beneficial for you as well as the lenders as it will reduce the possibility of returning for additional funding later on following miscalculations or a lack of understanding of what is required when organizing a development project. Before the project begins, the lender will set aside the agreed upon amount that you will require to successfully undertake your development project which can be accessed at intervals during the process. This consists of key stages within the development that includes site purchase, damp proof courses, completion of the roof as well as both first and second fixes before the final completion.


In some cases, you will find lenders more flexible than others and so you will be able to access funding at varying times based on reports by surveyors regarding progress. Before starting, this is something that would need to be decided by you and agreed with the lender.


How To Get Started


Showing off your experience is invaluable when it comes to obtaining property development funding. Lenders are always looking to find work with successful and experienced developers who have a proven track record of completing projects in the past. Demonstrating your experience is something that will make or break your application, and so ensuring that you are prepared to fully and expertly deliver a pitch presentation that will wow and excites potential lenders if crucial to obtaining the funding that you require.


Knowing the costs of the project, the timeframe that it will take until completion, and your plans for the property when it is finished will put you in a more prominent position when seeking your funding. Lenders love to see applicants who have clearly done their research and have a specific and fully-considered plan already organised. Having everything sorted before you even begin anything else is crucial to obtaining the right funding. Lenders are reluctant to fund developers who appear unsure of what they want or are doing as this presents a risk to them before anything has even begun.


To ensure complete transparency, you will also be required to provide consistent updates to the financier during the course of your project. This includes informing them about any delays that have or are anticipated to occur, cash flow issues, progress claims from your selected builder, reports from the project manager. In doing this, you demonstrate professionalism and build trust and respect between you and the lender to further increase your chances of funding opportunities in the future.


You will then be set to present your case to us here at UK Development Finance that will decide on your suitability based on quotes that we discuss with the many financial institutions in the country that we work alongside to provide this funding. Immediately, we will be able to provide you with expected interest rates and the likelihood of acceptance.


What Next?


Following being accepted, we at UK Development Finance will be here to guide you through the process to ensure that there are no issues regarding your project. To achieve this, we will act on your behalf to discuss and solve any queries from the lender or their solicitors.


UK Development Finance has over 20 years of experience and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and dedication to assist in ensuring that your project is complete as straight forward and comfortably as possible.

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