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Natwest Property Development Finance & Loans.

Natwest Property Development Finance, property developers looking for Natwest Property Development Loans will only be successful if they are an existing client of the bank, like all mainstream banks they will want you to have an existing account with them for a number of years, before they would even consider a property development loan furthermore you will need to be an experienced property developer with more than one previous development completed and sold successfully before they would even consider you for a loan, as many mainstream banks, they are not really too keen on development finance as it is seen as risk lending Natwest do offer finance to developers but tend to keep to ones they know and are confident they can complete and sell the properties, so whilst it is not impossible to get Natwest Development Loans you will be best placed if you have a long track record of developing property, a bank account with them and preferably a previous history of development finance with the bank so Natwest Development Finance is available but with the constraints mentioned above.


Natwest Property Development Finance is usually offered at up to 60% of costs with a cap on the GDV, prior to the crash in 2007 they offered as much as 70% of costs but since then they have been a lot more conservative on the amounts they will lend, you will find the terms and rates on offer from the main four high street lenders are remarkably the same and would be something like this interest rates would be in the range of 4-5% per annum on top of this you need to add in their commitment fee which would be in the 1-2% range, this is a fee the bank will want you to pay to them once you receive an offer letter, they would normally give you a week to ten days to accept the offer at which point you will have to pay this non refundable commitment fee once pay work starts on processing your loan application, you will also be expected to pay in advance surveyor for the banks appointed surveyor who will look over your proposal and report to the bank they viability of the project, confirm that your resale expectations are realistic, that the land or property you are purchasing is worth the amount you are paying and that your budgets are achievable, as long as at comes out satisfactorily then the lenders solicitors will be appointed at this point you will be expected to cover all of the legal costs for the bank on your Natwest Development Loan as well as those of your own legal team .


Natwest  Property Development Finance.


If you are not suitable for one of Natwest Development Loans or if you need to finance a higher portion of your costs (Up to 90%) then we have many other options that are available to you, as one of the top development brokers in the UK we can look to over 80 other lenders who offer property development finance at highly competitive rates, they will also offer to fund a first time developer or one with little or no experience so a Natwest Development Loan is not your only option.


Natwest Development Finance.


UK Development Finance is one of the top brokers in the UK we have arranged finance for hundreds of developers throughout the UK many who come back to us time and again to deal with the loans for them, we do not charge any broker fees as the lenders cover our costs.


You can be assured of unrivalled service dealing with people who know the industry inside out both of our directors have successful development companies so we talk your language.


Call Now on 0800 138 6001 we are here any time of the day or night seven days a week, or if you prefer to use our contact form or chat link to send us a message, we look forward to talking with you about your project.

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